9 Months Of Adventures with Lori

Since the day Lori was born, Timon and I couldn’t stop talking about all the things we want to do together with our baby girl. One of the things is traveling the world!

Lori went on the plane for the first time at 7.5 months, and the first country that we visited together with her is China – our homeland. Well… although I wasn’t born in China and I’m not entirely Chinese, I still identify myself as Chinese.

Lori did really well on the plane for the most part (more on that later). She was SO excited that she couldn’t stay asleep for more than 30 minutes during the whole 140-hour flight. She couldn’t stop socializing either with the passengers seating next to us or the flight attendants who passed by our seats. As we expected, she passed out right after we got off the plane and put her on her stroller.

During our one-month stay in China, Lori had developed many new skills! It was in China that she started to sleep for 12 hours straight without waking up for a feed for the first time. She also transitioned from eating two meals per day to three meals! She also learned to better feed herself (using her tiny fingers), and she makes it really clear to us when she wants to pick the food herself by pushing our hand away when we try to pick the food for her.

The biggest milestone was seeing her crawl for the first time! She doesn’t crawl on her knees though, but instead like a “wounded soldier”. It was still amazing to see her trying to move by herself.

It truly was a memorable trip. We were back home with our family, and we get to share with them the many “firsts” of Lori.

We hope to go back soon!

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