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I’m Anna, the girl behind Style in White. Ever since August 3rd 2013 I became Mrs. Chen. He’s my better half, my best friend and my soulmate. His name is Timothy, but I like to call him Timon.

I’m from Montreal (now living in South Shore), Canada, and I love all things white. It’s the perfect representation of my personal style for anything elegant, simple, and timeless. Through Style in White, I share my journey as a Christian wife (Married Life), my passion for home decor along with some tips and tricks (Home), my favorite hobby, which is entertaining with my family and friends (Entertaining) and my pursuit of discovering the wonders that God has created (Traveling).

I hope Style in White will encourage women to invest more of their time, energy and creativity in their relationship with their significant other. I believe having a strong marriage helps us face the world in strength. In summary, Style in White is a lifestyle blog dedicated to newly married women; for the purpose of helping them start a new chapter in their life with simplicity and elegance.

The Story Behind The Meaning Of White

After the white dress comes the most exciting adventure: married life.

Style in White was created shortly after our wedding day. White is the color of new beginnings. I like to think of it as a blank canvas that’s waiting to be written upon.

The day that I said “I do”, I knew that some things about myself needed to change. With that in mind, I wanted to jump start this new chapter of my life by clothing myself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience (Colossians 3:12), which I know will allow me to sustain my marriage and my relationship with others.

A more compassionate “me” is to be a better listener to the people who share with me their struggles and to have the desire to alleviate their pain. Being more kind is to refrain myself from criticizing others and to be more generous; to be able to give more without expecting anything in return. To be more humble is to know that I cannot accomplish anything by relying on my own human force but to recognize my weaknesses and limitations; to set aside my pride and ask for help when I need to. Gentleness is to be more careful with the words that come out of my mouth. If they don’t build others up, then they’re not meant to be said. And finally, to be more patient with my loved ones is to not be easily angered and to be reminded that there’s a time to sow and a time to reap, that nothing can be accomplished overnight.

I like to write these words on my white canvas as I embark on this new journey with my husband.

After the vow exchange and the honeymoon comes the creative part: decorating our home.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said that “For those colours which you wish to be beautiful, always first prepare a pure white ground.”, and I agree with him. White is clutter-free, and it brings about mental clarity. What better way than to start painting the house in different shades of white. It’s versatile, and it makes styling more simple. Any colored or textured accessories would look good on a white background. When two people are joined together, it’s sometimes difficult to compromise and find a middle ground. With white, Timon and I can have our favorite things displayed in the house without disrupting the harmony of the colors.

That’s why I choose white. It’s the “color” that best illustrates the person that I am.

Now grab a cup of tea and happy reading!

Anna Lou

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  1. Really well said Anna! I love how you took fruits of the spirits and tried to apply to your life!

  2. I only recently realized that it’s your actual site and not from wordpress anymore!!! Love the layout, love the design and nicely written! 🙂 Even though I have blogged for many years now, you are one of my biggest motivation to be more coherent and consistent in my blog.. and to have content that may help others . Keep it up!! I’m a fan 🙂

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