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Style in White :: Best Scented Candles for HomeI love cooking, and I don’t mind the cleaning, but what I do mind is the smell of food that stays in the air. To eliminate the odour, I often light a scented candle despite Timon’s disapproval. Some people like to use an air freshner, but I’m not a big fan of it. There’s something special about scented candles. Not only do they smell wonderful, they can set the mood and transform a space with their fragrance.

During warmer seasons, I love lighting the Sun & Sand Yankee Candle. The smell of a sweet orange flower combined with lemony citrus and fresh lavender makes me feel like I’m on a tropical island. At the end of this summer, I finished an entire 20oz pillar of Sun & Sand Yankee Candle. I also have a Beach Walk 20oz pillar that I keep for display until next summer. This is perhaps my second favorite Yankee Candle scent. Its fragance reminds me of the beach, and it’s also refreshing. For a long-lasting fragrance, the trick is to leave a candle burning for at least 2 hours before blowing it out.

Best Scented Candles :: Yankee Candle

Timon doesn’t like it when I light scented candles for too long, because of the toxins left in the air that we end up inhaling. He has a point. That’s why everytime I light a scented candle, I leave a window open. He also doesn’t understand why I’m willing to spend over $20 for such an item. I can definitely buy one that’s a lot cheaper, but I choose to spend a little more because of the ingredients used to make the candles. I’ve done some research in the past and the best scented candles for home are those that are made with beeswax. I haven’t yet found one that I like, but what I did find is a candle brand with irresistible home fragrances. It’s Voluspa, the first candle company to use coconut wax, which is a much better and healthier alternative than paraffin and soy wax.

Best Scented Candles for Home :: Volupsa Mokara

Voluspa scented candles are…what’s the word? Magical! Yes, magical! Their fragrances can transform any space into a cozier and more luxurious place. When I light a Voluspa scented candle, I get into a festive mood. My all-time favorite fragrance is MOKARA, which has an exquisite scent of orchid mixed with white lily and spring moss. The packaging is undoubtedly beautiful and of high quality, which is the perfect representation of the candle itself. Volupsa scented candles are expensive, but the scent is long-lasting and the burning time for a 16oz is 100 hours!

Best Scented Candles for Home :: Volupsa

These two brands are what I consider the best scented candles for home because of their wide variety of amazing fragrances and the ingredients used. You can find tons of coupons and discounts online for Yankee Candles. The company also offers lots of specials throughout the year. As for Voluspa candles, although they’re expensive, they’re worth the price because they’re high quality. It’s definitely a treat for me, and I make sure to light a Voluspa only during special occasions or when I feel festive!

In your opinion, what are the best scented candles for home? Do you have any favorites that you can share?

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