Could this be the Best Coffee Machine Ever?

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If I remember correctly, the first time I had a full cup of coffee was sometime during CEGEP. I had studied for my accounting exam until 2-3AM and had class the next morning. I woke up the following day feeling like a zombie. That’s when my best friend introduced me to coffee and the stimulant effect of caffeine. It took me a small cup of coffee to start feeling like a living person again. I went to class and did my exam with my brain cells fully functional. Unfortunately, I failed my accounting exam miserably despite studying for it like a nerd (accounting isn’t for me). It was only until university that I realized I wasn’t meant to be an accountant), but at the same time I was happy to have discovered the benefits of coffee. Ever since then, coffee has become part of my life and my must-have every morning.

Since I started drinking coffee every day, it only made sense for me to buy a coffee machine and make my own in order to save money. My first coffee machine was an automatic drip. It was inexpensive and easy to use, but the cleaning was just a hassle for me.

I later received a Tassimo and also a French press as a gift. I enjoy the Tassimo. I like how there’s a wide variety of different capsules to try; but I always ended up buying the same flavors because the ones that are tastier are more expensive. I also like my French press because it gives me total control of how rich and dense I want my coffee to be. The main inconvenience is that by the time I want a second cup of coffee, it has already cooled down. I end up having to throw out the remaining coffee because I don’t have a thermos. It makes me sad everytime I waste coffee. It almost feels as if I’m throwing money away. Coffee is becoming more and more expensive, you know!

And then came the day when I tried coffee made from a NESPRESSO machine. I couldn’t believe how tasty the coffee was. It was dense and rich in flavor, and in my humble opinion, better than Starbucks! I wanted to get my hands on the Pixie.

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The size is adorable and doesn’t take much place. I also love the modern and sophisticated look of the machine. This small compact system is quite genius. With the same capsule, you can decide whether you want to make an espresso or an allongé. Better yet, you can program the quantity of coffee in your cup, which gives you total control of how strong you want it to be, and the machine will remember it the next time you make yourself another cup. Each and every one of your cups of coffee will be perfectly made. The fact that you can decide on the density of your coffee makes NESPRESSO suitable for all tastes. In case you ask, the capsules are about $0.77 each. That’s about the same price as a Tassimo’s latte capsule but better! Although the Pixie makes espresso, it’s excellent for latte. Just add frothed milk and voilà! When I feel for a normal cup of coffee, I use my French press. But on a Saturday mornings, there’s nothing more comforting than the smell of freshly brewed espresso/coffee from NESPRESSO.

But when I saw the price, I was dumbfounded. Is this the price of what could be the best coffee machine ever? Timon didn’t see the use of spending more than $200 on a coffee machine when a $20 one can do the job. My dear husband unfortunately doesn’t share the same passion for coffee as I do, therefore, that $200+ spent on a coffee machine is a waste of money for him. I don’t blame him.

So I waited. I waited for the price to go down. I waited for almost two years when I finally, FINALLY, got the opportunity to get my own Pixie, all thanks to my best friend.

My mornings will no longer be the same.

Anna Lou

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