Summer Fun

The month of July started off on the right foot. To celebrate the first day of the month, Timon and I were invited to a friend’s house for BBQ. Despite the rain, we were still able to use that fancy BBQ that my friend received from her fiancé for her birthday. All we needed was an umbrella.

The day could be summed up in four words: amazing food, great company!

On Friday during my lunch break, my colleagues and I decided to attend the Poutine Fest in the Old Port. I hate to admit it but it was my first time. What a shame for a Montrealer. Well, this year I told myself that I will make an effort to attend some of the summer festivals and the Poutine Fest was one of them.

My colleague and I had a lobster poutine and it was DE.LI.CIOUS!



After work, Timon and I, along with some friends, went to another church to listen to a sermon. I’m glad we did because the pastor delivered a really insightful message about friendships. The topic was simple, but the message was deep enough to make us question our friendships. I’m not going to lie, his message threw me deep into reflection and made me realize a few important things about what makes a person a true friend.


Saturday was quite eventful. We went to the water park to celebrate the birthday of a very dear friend of mine. After that sermon on Friday, I appreciate her even more as a friend and couldn’t wait to celebrate with her. We had a blast; so much that I was dead tired and slept almost the entire afternoon in front of the pool.

Later, we had dinner together at one of my favorite South/East Asian restaurants. We then went to Kem Coba for homemade ice cream and sorbet. It was my first time at this family-owned ice cream store. It’s quite charming and the ice creams and sorbets are heavenly delicious! I ordered the raspberry/lychee/rose sorbet (truly yummy!) and Timon had the special-of-the-day mango/Dulce de leche ice cream. My sorbet had such an exquisite taste that I completely forgot to take a picture of it. I was just so busy eating it and couldn’t think of anything else. Fortunately, my friend took a picture of that famous mango/Dulce de leche ice cream.

If you like sweet, go for it. But if you’re like me and you prefer a sour taste with a hint of sweetness, try the raspberry/lychee/rose sorbet.


To end the week on the right note, Timon and I spent some alone time just the two of us. No matter how much I love spending time with my friends, there’s nothing better than being alone with my husband.

Anna Lou

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