Summertime Busyness

Do you have a season song? Like a song that you play over and over again during a time period? I’m that kind of person. When I like a song, I play it until I know the lyrics by heart. Sometimes I just can’t get enough and play a song on repeat until it gets stuck in somebody else’s head – most of the time the victim is Timon.

Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey has been on repeat in my head for the past few weeks. My summer isn’t sad though. Instead, it’s more like “Summertime Busyness”. It’s been filled with events that celebrate happiness, and I’ve been quite busy lately attending them.

Remember that time when I wrote about having several weddings this summer? Two weekends ago, Timon and I attended the third wedding of the year (two more to go) and it was beautiful!

The bride was perfect from head to toe! I personally think a woman is at her prettiest when she’s in love, getting married to the love of her life, and when she’s expecting a child. But that friend of mine wasn’t just pretty, she really was perfect – her hair, physique, posture… Just everything.

For the wedding, I opted for a two-piece coral dress. I kept my makeup simple, and although I tried to do something with my hair, there was nothing I could do but to let it loose and making it a little curly. My hair is just hopeless.

I took a selfie to see how my hair and makeup looks like on pictures (something that I do before attending an event where a lot of photos will be taken).

The weekday was also really hectic yet fun(ny). During the Just for Laugh festival, Timon bought us tickets to go see the Neil Patrick Harris gala! I know him from watching How I Met Your Mother (never finished the show by the way). Although his show wasn’t focused on being funny, but emphasized more on “magic”, I still quite enjoyed it. It was a fun date! 🙂

Speaking of dates, Timon and I have been “dating” a lot lately. We brunched together last Sunday before going to church, and I was very excited about it. Timon is not a brunch guy per se, so for him to accept to have brunch with me is almost like a miracle.

It was such a great way to end the week and start the day!

And you know what’s the best way to start the week? Go on another date! Haha! To celebrate our wedding anniversary, we went to Bota Bota, a spa on water located at the Old Port of Montreal.

That’s my kind of date! Relaxing, romantic and I don’t mind a little bit of adventure sometimes.


How’s your summer so far? 🙂

// photos taken by Timon and I with our iPhones

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