Decorating for Christmas

Style in White :: Decorating for ChristmasLately, I’ve been shopping a lot for Christmas decorations. Almost every day when Timon comes home, he sees me unpacking my shopping bags filled with gift wrapping papers, ornaments and other Christmas-related items. I just love decorating for Christmas!

When I lived with my parents, we celebrated Christmas without a Christmas tree. Our house looked the same throughout the seasons. We had supper and exchanged gifts, but no decorations. I told my mom a few times that I wanted us to get a Christmas tree and decorate the house with lights, but she always thought it was a waste of money. She used to say that we didn’t need to spend money on decorations to celebrate love, joy and being with the family. She’s right, but nevertheless to say, I like to decorate my house for Christmas.

Decorating for Christmas :: Christmas Tree Christmas Tree

For me, decorating is a therapy. When I decorate, I don’t think about anything else other than finding ways to make something look more beautiful. Also, I don’t consider spending on Christmas decorations a waste of money, but somewhat of an investment. The reason is I try to buy things that I can reuse for other events and gatherings. Most of the items have a dual-purpose. So, is that an investment? You tell me. 🙂

Take for example this mini Christmas tree. It’s currently displayed on our entryway table, but I can also use it to decorate the dinner table for gatherings. I spent a total of $3 for the mini Christmas tree and small ornaments.

Decorating for Christmas Christmas Mini Tree

After Christmas, I may consider taking down the Christmas tree, but I’ll certainly keep the Christmas lights. During movie nights, Timon and I like to turn them on. It gives us a relaxing and cozy feeling. There you go, another Christmas item with a dual-purpose!

Christmas LightsI wonder what my mother would say when she comes and visit us at our condo…

What about you? Are you decorating your house for Christmas this year?


all the photos belong to me // 6-feet Christmas tree, ornaments and Christmas lights from Target

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