Dining Chair Makeover

Dining Chair MakeoverOur dining table and chairs were given to us by Timon’s parents. We both like the dining table for it can expand to comfortably seat 6 people. The circular shape of the dining table works really well with our open-concept condo, and it gives enough space for us to walk around it. However, the only thing that bothered me was the color and the fabric of the seats. Our dining chairs needed a makeover.

White Dining ChairIt wouldn’t make sense for us to buy a new dining table simply because I don’t like the color of the one we have. So I decided to jump start on a DIY project and spray paint my black dining chairs into white. I was quite satisfied with the final result! Total cost of the entire project? Less than $100 CAN!
White Dining ChairWhite Dining Chair SeatFinding the right fabric for the seats was challenging. I went to Fabricville (the only place I know in Brossard that sells fabric) to look for different fabrics. When I arrived, I instantly fell overwhelmed. There were so many options! First, I had no clue what type of fabric to buy, and second, I didn’t know what was considered a good price.

I went directly to the sale section and found a few interesting patterns, but I wasn’t willing to spend over $50 for fabric! I think I spent a little bit over an hour shopping at Fabricville. I finally discovered a fabric and pattern that I considered nice and affordable. I went to pay when I suddenly found a basket of fabric that were sold for $3.99/meter! I felt like I just discovered the treasure chest of Alibaba! The fabric that I orginally picked cost $19/meter, and I thought it was “cheap” (compared to another fabric that I preferred, which cost $25/meter!). You can imagine how happy I was to find a nice patterned fabric for less than $5! I really like the one I picked in the end with the light blue and grey flowers. The pattern fits perfectly well with the look and feel of our place.

White Spray For WoodOur chairs were made out of wood. I decided to spray paint them thinking that it might be quicker compared to painting. I found everything that I need at Reno Depot and RONA. The prices are similar.

First, sand the chairs with a 80 to 120 grit sanding paper (depending on your chair color). Then, apply 1-2 layer(s) of primer. Wait until it dries, and then spray paint the color of your choice. Repeat this step 2-3 times depending on how dark the previous color was. Set the color with a finishing spray. Et voilà!

Before and After : Dining Chair MakeoverSo, what do you think?
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  1. Wow nice!! How did you change the frabric?

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