Easy DIY Cork Coasters

Style in White :: Easy DIY Cork CoastersWhen I go shopping, I like to find things that I can make at home. I always feel a sense of accomplishment everytime I finish a DIY project, like spray painting my black dining chairs into white. I like the idea of seeing something at the store that’s expensive, but that I’m able to make for a much cheaper price. In fact, I recently saw adorable cork coasters while shopping at Winners. They were priced at $9.99 for a pack of six. In my opinion it wasn’t worth the price, so I decided to spend some time (while watching a Korean drama. It has been a while!) making my own cork coasters and decorate them the way I want.

For this easy DIY cork coasters project, you’ll need:

  • cork material
  • acrylic paint and brushes
  • sharpie pens (optional)
  • protractor – in case you need it to trace the circle

I bought the cork at the Dollar store, and I cut it into circles by using a flower vase as a reference (I couldn’t find my protractor). You can buy better quality cork material at a craft store like Omer Deserres or Michaels.

Easy Cork Coasters DIY Material

This DIY project is fun and inexpensive. I simply used white acrylic paint and a brush to do the simple design. You can get really creative by using different sharpie pen colors. They work well on cork material.

Easy Cork Coasters DIY Easy Cork Coasters DIY Easy Cork Coasters DIY

I found some designs that may inspire you. I personally love the cork conversation bubble coasters.

DIY Cork Coasters Ideas

Cork coasters are easy to make, and they don’t require a lot of time and money. When they’re creatively made with love, they’re even more special. I think it’s a practical gift that every hostess would love to receive.

I hope this DIY project has inspired you to get creative and make things on your own that still look nice without hurting your wallet!

Have fun!

Anna Lou Chen


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