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Transform a Bookshelf into an Entryway TableWhen Timon and I visited our condo before buying it, the first thing I envisioned was having an entryway table. I find it so convenient. We have the tendency to leave our house keys, bus passes and important mails everywhere on the dining table, and it becomes messy! Having an entryway table where we can put these important items can solve the messiness issue. By placing a mirror on top of it can also allow me to make sure that I’m ready to face the world before leaving the house. Since it’s the first thing that people see when they enter our home, I think it’s a great way to display our personal style!

All this to say, we need an entryway table. The challenge was to find the right one.

I was looking everywhere I could possibly think of finding one, and I also searched online. Nothing. The tables were either not the right size or too expensive. I almost gave up until I found an entryway table DIY on Pinterest: transform a bookshelf into an entryway table ! I thought it was a genius idea!

This was my source of inspiration:

Bookshelf into an Entryway Table

I like DIY projects that are easy and simple to follow and I like them more if I can do them myself without the help of my husband. I’m not going to lie, having to create or build things from scratch makes me feel proud! And sometimes you need to pat yourself on the back for accomplishing things on your own, right?

With this new idea in mind, I went to Target and bought the necessary tools and materials. Instead of spending $100-$200 for an entryway table, guess how much I had spent! $36 CAN! Yes, only $36 CAN!

Bookshelf into an Entryway Table Bookshelf into an Entryway Table Bookshelf into an Entryway Table PeoniesNow, that deserves a pat on the shoulder, right?

On a side note…I didn’t build it. Timon did it for me. >_<

photo // Inspiration comes from Better Home and Gardens

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