The First Time I Felt Baby Kicking

Typing the title for this post makes me giggle. ^_^ The first time I felt baby kicking was early during my 19th week of pregnancy. I wasn’t sure at first that it was baby who was kicking. I thought maybe it was just gas…

I googled around trying to look for clues to confirm that it was in fact baby’s kicks. One of my close friends, who’s a mom of a one year old, described the feeling as having butterflies in the tummy. For a lack of better words, I feel it’s similar to when I try kicking under water. Hum…how can I describe this better? To me it basically feels like a twitch inside my belly, and I always get excited when it happens! 😀

When baby kicks, it doesn’t hurt, but it certainly is a pleasant surprise. At the beginning of my 19th week, I had to place my hands gently on my tummy, close my eyes, and really concentrate on feeling baby’s movements. Now, it’s a no brainer. I can easily feel baby moving around (and oh boy does baby move a lot!). I’ve learned that my baby kicks often the most when I’m getting ready for bed, starting around 9pm.

It took a while for Timon to feel the kicks, but when he felt them for the first time, he was even more excited! He had this huge smile on his face and was so happy that nothing can ruin that moment for him. He’d have conversations with baby and everytime he feels the kicks, it’s like baby is responding to him. I truly enjoy seeing the two bonding with each other. 🙂

This pregnancy is becoming more and more real. It took me a while to realize that I was carrying a baby, like I mentioned in this post, but now I’m fully aware of baby’s existence every second.

For more than a week now I’ve started to dedicate a specific time during the day to spend with baby – have a real conversation about how the world outside the womb looks like and the things we’ll do together. It’s truly breathtaking when baby responds with a kick!

Just a little something that I wanted to share with you… 🙂

Anna Lou

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