First Trimester Pregnancy Update

First Trimester Update :: Style in White

Time flies! I’ve already passed my first trimester, and I’m now on my second trimester. I don’t want to forget this experience. Five, 10 and even 20 years from now, I want to remember the first day I found out the news, the reactions of my family and friends, but also all the ups and downs of pregnancy. Beside blogging about this journey, I’ve also started a journal, which I’ll show to my baby once he or she grows up!

When Timon and I announced it to our family and friends, that’s when it started hitting us. We realize that our world will no longer be the same in a couple of months. It will no longer be just the two of us. We’re going to be a family of three! My first trimester was pretty much about getting used to the idea that I’m carrying a human being and that my choices of food and actions could either have a positive or negative effect on my baby.


I must say I was pretty lucky. I didn’t have morning sickness and it was such a relief for me. I remember when my mom was pregnant with my little sister, she couldn’t do much during her first trimester because she was always holding the toilet bowl. I was pretty convinced that the same would happen to me, but it didn’t turn out that way. However, I had nausea and only wanted congee, soup or noodles. I normally like eating Indian food, but during the first trimester, I couldn’t stand the smell of curry. That made me sad…

However, the biggest issue I had was sleep deprivation which caused extreme fatigue and mood swings during the day. I applaud my husband for being able to keep up with me (thanks honey!). I don’t know why, but pregnancy gives you crazy and vivid dreams. In my case, I had a lot of nightmares. They were so intense and sometimes felt so real that I’d wake up in the middle of night because of my heart’s palpitations. Thank God it was temporary!


The good news is baby didn’t reject spicy food, and I didn’t have heartburn. I could pretty much add spicy sauce in all the food, except that someone much wiser than me once told me that moderation is key, so I would sometimes skip the tempting spicy red sauce.

Speaking of moderation, another adjustment I had to make during my first trimester was to drink less coffee. When I found out I was pregnant, ten thousands questions crossed my mind and one of them was whether or not I was allowed to drink coffee. When I found out by my doctor that it was safe to have less than 200 mg of caffeine per day (about 1 medium sized cup of coffee), I was ecstatic! Before baby, every morning I had a cup of coffee (it was part of my morning ritual) and depending on how busy my day was, I would have another cup in the early afternoon (sometimes I opted for tea). But for baby’s sake, I now stick to one cup a day, opt for decaf most of the time, and skip that morning ritual once or twice a week. I’m surprised that my body can take it. It seems like it knows I have a baby, and just like me, it’s adjusting to my new lifestyle. Amazing…

The Most Exciting Part…

First Trimester Pregnancy Update :: Style in White

You know the saying “you won’t believe until you see?”. Well, the pregnancy news didn’t sink in until I saw our baby for the first time during the ultrasound! It was one of the most beautiful and heart-warming experiences in my life. I mean, I knew I was pregnant, the two pink bars and the signs confirmed it, but nothing makes it more real when you actually see your Little One with a beating heart for the first time.

I can’t wait for the next ultrasound and see baby again. Despite the extreme fatigue, this journey has so far been amazing…and a true blessing.

I love being pregnant. 🙂

Anna Lou

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