Honeymoon in Greece, Part 3 :: Best Beaches in Crete

Honeymoon in Greece : Best Beaches in Crete

After spending two days in Athens, we took the plane and flew to Crete, which is actually the largest island in Greece. Because Crete is such a big island, we had to decide in which area we wanted to stay. In the end, we chose the city of Chania, located on the west side of Crete.

The reason why we decided on Chania was because the top best beaches in Crete were located in that region: Elafonissi, Falassarna, Gramvousa Island Beach and Balos Lagoon. We had the chance to visit all four beaches. I can write a long blog post describing the wonders of this beautiful island, but like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Random note: During our stay in Crete, we didn’t see any Asians. We were the only ones! Timon and I felt quite special for an inexplicable reason.

First thing first, the hotel. We stayed at the Kaliviani Traditional Hotel. We loved it! It’s clean, really charming and close to the best beaches in Crete, Chania. We even had our own private balcony with a magnificient view of the Aegean Sea.

Kaliviani Traditional Hotel

It’s quite obvious that I’m a tourist

Kaliviani Traditional Hotel Kaliviani Traditional Hotel

If you decide to go to Crete, you must rent a car, and I suggest you book at least one month before. It’s difficult to find a rental car during peak seasons like June, July and August. We didn’t know, but Praise the Lord, we found the only place in a small town that had a car available for us. If we didn’t have a car, our stay in Crete would’ve been in vain. We wouldn’t be able to go anywhere and would probably have to spend hundreds of dollars on taxi rides.

By the way, most cars in Crete that we saw were manual cars. I was so happy to know that my husband can drive manual! It was the only car available, and imagine neither of us could drive a manual car. It would’ve been a disaster! Thank God everything worked out!

Honeymoon in Greece : Car RentalTimon

The first beach that we wanted to see was Elafonissi. It was about 45-minute drive from our hotel. We took longer than that because the roads on the mountains were really narrow. We, I mean Timon, had to drive carefully. We also stopped at several places to look at the beautiful view from the mountains.

Greece-Crete Chania, Crete Greece : Crete Vegetation Animal in Crete

For a few seconds, I felt like we were in the Safari. I stayed in the car and just snapped a photo.

Crete Island Landscape Cretan Houses Crete Taverna Crete Taverna

After a pleasant drive, we finally arrived at the Elafonissi beach. The water was so clear that it was surreal! The Elafonissi beach didn’t look like any other beaches we saw in Greece. We felt like we were somewhere in the south like the Bahamas or something. Well, we’ve never been to the Bahamas, but we just imagined that the beaches in the south would look like the Elafonissi. Crystal clear and warm water.

Elafonissi Beach in Crete Elafonissi Beach in Crete Elafonissi Beach in Crete

It looks like Timon was ready to make a new friend.

Afterwards, we drove back to our hotel and stopped at the Falassarna beach for a quick swim. Here’s the view of the Falassarna beach from the mountains.

Crete :  Falassarna Beach View

Crete :  Falassarna Beach

The following day, we took a boat to go visit the Gramvousa Island. There was an old castle on top of the mountain. After a good hike, we finally arrived to the top. When we entered the old castle, Timon told me he felt like he was in the video game Uncharted. I’ve seen him play that game before, and it truly felt like we were in it!

Crete : Gramvousa Island Crete : Gramvousa Island Boat CruiseGramvousa IslandGreece : Gramvousa Island Beach

Crete : Gramvousa Island Mountains Crete Island in Greece

Crete : Gramvousa IslandGramvousa Island Castle

Going inside the castle!

Gramvousa Island View

We took the same boat and later went to Balos beach, which was my favorite! The water’s temperature was perfect (Elafonissi’s water temperature was a bit colder), and I love the different shades of blue in the sea.

Daily Cruise to Balos Lagoon Greece : Crete & Aegean Sea

Crete : Balos Lagoon

Our boat stopped a few miles from the shore. Some people, like my husband, decided to swim all the way there, whereas most of us took a small boat to get to the beach.

Crete : Balos Beach View Timon at Balos Beach

Haha! I really like this picture. He’s so goofy! While he was posing, he didn’t realize that his sandals were floating away behind him!

Crete : Balos Lagoon Timon at Balos Beach Crete : Balos BeachWe tried to take a couple picture with my camera’s self-timer, and this is the best shot we got!

Now I know why people say the best beaches are in Crete. Greece really has everything to offer: historic and archeological places for you to visit, and beautiful beaches for you to enjoy. Stay tuned as our honeymoon in Greece continues!

Anna Lou

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