[Video] Honeymoon in Greece: Crete

If you’re looking for a place where you can go beach hopping, Crete is where you need to go!

While Timon and I were planning our honeymoon in Greece, we searched for the best beaches and two of the top five were located on the island of Crete, which is the largest island in the country. We stayed on the west coast; in a county called Chania (pronounced Hania).

From Athens, we flew to Crete which took about 45 minutes. We arrived in the main village and had to take the bus to Kissamos, also called Kastelli, where our hotel was located. We wanted to stay closest to the famous beaches (Elafonissi and Balos Beach) that’s why we chose the Kaliviani Traditional Hotel, which was only 10 minutes by car from the main port where you take the boat to Gramvousa Island and Balos Beach, and a little less than an hour drive from the Elafonissi beach. It could have taken us less time to drive there but the view and landscape were so breathtaking, so we couldn’t help but stop almost every half an hour to take pictures.

Our adventure started off a little shaky when we took the bus from the airport to go to our hotel. After a two hour ride, the driver dropped us in the middle of the countryside. We asked him where the Kaliviani Traditional Hotel was located, but he couldn’t provide us with an answer because he himself didn’t know exactly where it was. I was tired (woke up really early to take the plane from Athens) and was extremely hungry because we skipped breakfast that day. I started to get agitated, but Timon felt adventurous and decided to hitchhike. I thought it was ridiculous, and I was also scared to get into a stranger’s car. Funny enough, as soon as Timon lifted up his thumb, a car stopped right in front of us. A middle-aged German couple who were also on vacation drove us all the way to our hotel. No wonder why the bus driver couldn’t tell us where it was located. Our hotel was really secluded, but it offered us a magnificent view of the beach. The German couple was extremely nice. We were so grateful for them! We saw them again at a restaurant called Gramvousa, which was a short walk away from our hotel, and had dinner with them. And the rest of our stay was nothing less than wonderful!

Here’s a short video of our time in Crete. Enjoy!

Anna Lou

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