Honeymoon in Greece, Part 1 :: Exploring Athens

Honeymoon in Greece : Exploring AthensTimon and I have been married for a little bit over a year now. I was debating whether I should write a blog post about our honeymoon or not. It was our first trip together, just the two of us, and I wanted to keep it for ourselves. But then I thought, our experience in Greece was so great that we had to share it with the world. The world needs to know about this beautiful and historic place. So here I am, writing my first official blog post about our honeymoon in Greece starting with Athens.

We left for Athens the day following our wedding. It was so thrilling! We just got married and, hop, on the plane to a different continent for our honeymoon!

We arrived in Athens after 10 hours on the plane. We booked a room in a boutique hotel called Hermes Hotel. It was perfect! Breakfast was included and there was free Wi-Fi. From the airport, you simply need to ride the bus for about 45 minutes (or less) to get to the hotel. The bus ticket was, if I remember correctly, less than 2 EURO per person. I think! I just remember it was quite inexpensive. The hotel is located in the center of Plaka, just a couple of walks from the main touristic attractions, such as the Acropolis, and the flea market. You can walk everywhere! No need for a taxi.

On our first day in Athens, we walked around the area and shopped at the flea market in Plaka.

Honeymoon in Greece: Flea Market in Plaka Honeymoon in Greece: Athens' Flea MarketYou’re probably wondering what I was holding in my hand. It was a dried coconut!

Dried CoconutTo be quite honest with you, it was tasteless. But I love coconuts! Coconut drinks, coconut smoothies, coconut oil – you name it. It’s definitely one of my favorite fruits. I fell in love with coconuts on my trip to Cuba when I was 12 years old. So everytime I see coconuts, I think of warm weather countries…and vacations!

Honeymoon in Greece: Athens' Flea Market Honeymoon in Athens: Flea MarketThere was a lot of stores like this one at the flea market. We didn’t buy any of these types of souvenir because most of them were made in – you guess it – China.

Honeymoon in Athens: Flea MarketA lot of shops and cafés! And the people are really friendly! Greek Yogourt in AthensIf you get the chance to go to Greece one day, you must try Greek yogourts! For some reason, I like to think that Greek yogourt from Greece is the best among all the Greek yogourts that you can find in supermarkets. Although, in reality, it’s just plain yogourt with not much taste to it unless you add artificial flavors. I like mine with honey!

Later, we decided to try a seafood restaurant. We searched on Tripadvisor and settled for Lorbas restaurant located in the port of Athens. Since it was our first meal as husband and wife, we wanted to celebrate it with a bottle of wine that we didn’t finish, by the way, and brought it back to the hotel to give it to the receptionist. I think we drank a little too much the night of the wedding…

WaitersOur waiters. The man on the left was really nice. I remember he told us that he met his wife in Toronto. His wife is Greek. After a while, he decided to leave everything behind him and move to Greece to be with her! Sweet story. =)

AthensBeautiful view from our seats.

Romantic Dinner at AthensI forgot what Timon ordered for dinner, but for entrée he had a fresh seafood salad. I ordered lobster spaghetti. It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

AthensWe ended the night with a magnificient view of the Mediterranean sea.

Stay tuned as the trip continues…

Anna Lou


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