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House Tour : Living RoomStyling the living room was not as easy as I thought it would be. It was difficult, just like buying a house. But all the research and patience were worth it because so far Timon and I LOVE our place!

We haven’t finished styling our little condo yet, and I don’t believe it will be done anytime soon.

It started off with the colors of the walls. Timon was looking for bright colors and suggested to paint one of our rooms in yellow. I’m more kin towards neutral colors like light grey, beige and obviously white.

After several talks, Timon finally agreed to let me choose the colors for our condo. I must say, I did a lot of research and tried out different color palettes before finding the right ones. I wanted each part of our home to represent something or at least carry an emotion, a feeling starting with the living room.

One of the reasons I chose colors that are quite pale and close to white is because I wanted to create an airy space and make our little condo look bigger. Another reason is that I believe it’s easier to accessorize when using neutral colors. Really, you can’t go wrong with white! 

Here’s a picture of our living room:

BEFORE (Timon took this photo):


Style in White :: Our Living RoomThe purchase that I’m really proud of is our sofa! It took me 3 months to convince Timon to buy it. The story of our sofa deserves a blog post of its own. We recently purchased a rug and placed it under the coffee table. We thought this would add a comfy touch to the decor. We didn’t want a rug that has patterns on it simply because of our curtains. We wanted to keep it simple but somewhat fluffy so that it feels welcoming.

Style in White :: Our Living RoomCurrently on my coffee table…

Style in White :: Our Living RoomStyle in White :: Our Living RoomI must say I’m really proud of my husband. He built the TV stand, the coffee table and the little library that we converted to a coffee stationary all by himself. We bought the TV stand at IKEA.

Style in White :: Coffee StandI’m still not satisfied with the look of this coffee statnt. There’s something about it that makes me frown. What do you think?

styleinwhite-flowerStyle in White :: Artificial FlowerI find flowers can add a nice and lovely touch to home decor and artificial flowers can do the job.

So what do you think of the process so far? If you can describe our little condo in 2-3 words, what would that be? Please share with me your thoughts!

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Photos from Anna Lou Chen

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