How To Find The Right Couch

House Tour : Living RoomTrue story. One of the first disagreements that Timon and I had as a married couple was regarding the decor of our condo. From the beginning, I had a clear vision of how I wanted our little love nest to be. I was really stern about the color of the walls, as it sets the mood of the entire place, and also about buying a couch made of fabric. Timon, on the other hand, wanted a leather couch. After a couple of weeks of trying to convince him to get a fabric couch, he finally gave in. I promised him that one day he’d get a leather couch and his own man cave when we move into a bigger house.

Convincing my husband wasn’t the most difficult task. It was finding the right couch for our living room. It was more challenging because there were many things we had to consider, for examples, the budget, the size and the type of fabric. Shopping for big furniture is definitely not the same as purchasing a piece of clothing. It could be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Here are five simple tips that I followed to find the right couch for our condo.

1. Find Out About Your Favorite Style

Think about your personal style. What do you like? Do you often like to wear comfy clothes? Elegant? Classic? Simple? Or do you like taking risks and mix and match different colors and patterns together?

If you’re like me and you can’t really pinpoint a specific style, you can look into your wardrobe and survey your most favorite outfits. Mine are simple and comfortable with neutral colors. I personally don’t like wearing bold colors (except for yellow and red) or heavy textures like leather. It was pretty clear to me that I didn’t want a leather couch or a couch in a color other than beige or light grey. I’d love to have a white-colored one, but I know it can be difficult to maintain in the long run.

For a mini living room tour, read this post.

2. Set A Budget

Unless money is not an issue for you, I always find it useful and important to set a budget when going shopping for something big (e.g. furniture, vacation, car, house, you name it). Sometimes you might have the tendency to go over the budget that you’ve set for yourselves, and that could be due to the fact that you didn’t set a realistic one. Before I give myself any constraint, I always do some research. After finding out about my personal style and the kind of couch I like (thanks to Pinterest), I started doing research online. I looked at the prices and compared them with each other. Based on these comparisons, I had a pretty good idea of how much I was willing to spend.

I also make sure that I’m able to pay for it upfront since I don’t like to carry on too much debt. If I have to pay monthly with interest for a period longer than 6 months, I’d consider something else. Luckily, some stores offer installment payments at 0% interest for a certain period of time. You may want to consider this option if paying all upfront is not possible for you. However, make sure you have money to pay for the furniture by the end of the period because interest may spike.

3. Take The Right Measurements

It may sound obvious but it’s definitely something you need to keep in mind when shopping for a couch. Take the measurements of the space where you want your sofa to be. Bring these measurements with you when you go shopping! In my case, I made sure to take conservative measurements. For instance, if the length of the sofa is actually 98 cm, I’d round it up to 100 cm to see if it would fit in the measured area. Just to be safe.

4. Take Into Account Everything Else In The Room

While I was shopping for couches, there were many that I like but that didn’t fit with the rest of the decor. That’s why it’s so important to have a vision. It keeps you focused! You get to eliminate some options and that makes your decision-making process a bit easier.

5. Set Your Priorities Straight

What’s the most important thing for you? Is it the price? The style? The color? The materials used? Whatever it is, list them all from the most important one to the least important. Don’t forget about your spouse! Discuss with him and see if his priorities are aligned with yours. Timon’s priorities and mine were not the same at all. We had many conversations about it and we ended up compromising. He had his list and I had mine. We discussed and came up with the top 3 most important things for both of us. By having this list, you can easily eliminate some options and focus your attention on the ones that respond to your top priorities.

It took Timon and I three full months to find the right couch for our living room. It was a long process, but I’m glad we went through it together as a couple. We had our misunderstandings, but through all the arguments, we learned an important lesson about married life: it’s important to comprise and put down our pride. I’m happy that Timon also spoke up and contributed to the decor of our condo, because it makes the place ours; not just his or mine alone. We figured how to blend our styles together, just like how we merged our differences together. That’s what marriage is all about; it’s no longer about you alone, but about being united with your spouse and become one.

I hope these tips will help you and your spouse find the right couch! 🙂

Anna Lou
Living room couch from Maison Corbeil

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