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Learn to cook : Ateliers & SaveursIn all honesty, I’m not a good cook. Before getting married, Timon bought me a cook book for my 23rd birthday. I actually asked for it, because I wanted to learn how to cook. It was only after our wedding that I opened the book and tried a few recipes. I started to enjoy cooking, and once in a while, I’d try a new recipe.

One day, my girlfriends and I decided to attend an Ateliers & Saveurs cooking class. It’s a cooking school located in the Old Port of Montreal. They teach you how to cook different types of meal, and they also offer cocktail and bakery classes. My girlfriends and I wanted to learn how to cook a 3-course meal.

Ateliers & Saveurs offers private classes, but since we were 5, we decided to attend a group class, which consists of 10 to 12 people. Our Chef, Marc, who by the way studied at Cordon Blue, gave us many insightful cooking tips, such as how to keep the colours of our vegetables vivid even after they’re cooked and how to cut onions without making ourselves cry!

The 10 of us attending the class worked together as a team to cook the 3-course meal. Marc first explained the steps to us and then assigned each one of us a task.

For appetizer, we made cauliflower couscous with giant shrimps and red curry sauce. Marc even showed us how to display the food to make it presentable. 🙂 You can find the recipe on their website.

Cauliflower Coucous and Giant Shrimps with Red Curry Sauce
This is my first time trying cauliflower coucous. It’s really good and easy to make!

We cook beef filet mignon and rosemary sauce with blue cheese mashed potatoes. I’m not a big fan of blue cheese, but I like it in this recipe.

Beef Filet Mignon Recipe
The meat was incredibly tender.

Finally, for dessert, we made coconut mille-feuille with chocolate sauce.

Mille-Feuille with Chocolate Sauce
I can say with confidence that this was the best mille-feuille I’ve ever tasted so far!

It was a wonderful evening between girlfriends, and it’s definitely an activity that we’ll do again in the future. If you like to cook, and you’re looking for something to do between friends or for a date, try a cooking class at Ateliers & Saveurs. I think it could also be a fun thing to do for a bachelorette pre-party. The bride and groom will thank you later! 😉

Ateliers & Saveurs | 444 Saint François Xavier, Montréal, 514.849.2866

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