Lori Turns One

Lori Turns One | Style in White

I know I haven’t blogged for a while [insert 10 000 excuses here] but Lori recently turning one had made me want to start recording life’s most memorable events once again.

One important milestone I definitely want to write about is her turning ONE. ONE YEAR ALREADY! I felt like it was just yesterday that she was born. I can remember the feeling I had when she was still in the womb. Now, she crawls everywhere, walks with support, and babbles a lot! She can say a few words and is not shy to express her feelings; and she does it really well by putting a lot of emotions in her tone of voice and gestures. 

Ok, first let’s start with the theme.

I had many themes in mind for her first birthday party, but I wanted the first one to be meaningful. I decided to take inspiration from laurel leaves. In case you’re wondering what’s the link between Lori and laurel leaves, you can read my post here which I explained the meaning behind the name “Lori”. These leaves are found in Mediterranean countries like Greece where Tim and I spent our honeymoon. One of my favorite islands is Santorini which inspired me to choose a combination of white and blue as the themed colors. 

To stick with the theme, I served Mediterranean-inspired food. Pork souvlaki, chicken drumsticks marinated with different herbs and spices, shrimp brochettes and marinated olives were on the menu.

The overall decor was kept really simple. We moved into our new home only a week before the party. The food and everything else were prepared 24 hours prior…so yeah, to be honest with you, I didn’t get to do everything I wanted for Lori’s first birthday. But I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Lori was happy and that was my ultimate goal.

I designed a first birthday milestones board to record all of her milestones and printed some photos of her first 12 months to create a giant ONE.

So Lori was late for her party.

Fashionably late! Haha. She came an hour after the party started. She was taking her morning nap at my parents-in-law’s house before showing up to our new place. She was ecstatic when she arrived! People were cheering on her and she couldn’t stop smiling and clapping her hands. She was so excited that she skipped her afternoon nap. I could tell that she didn’t want to miss the party. I don’t blame her. The party is for HER, why in the world would she miss it?!

Grand-pa, my father-in-law, drove the night before from New Brunswick to celebrate her first birthday! I want Lori to remember this when she grows up – we all love her so much that nothing will stop us from being close to her either physically or spiritually. I was really happy that both sides of the family were able to make it.

We played a little game.

One of China’s most important customs is called “ZhuaZhou” where various objects are placed before the child at her first birthday, forecasting different future careers. I chose 3 items for Lori: (1) a book for scholar, (2) traditional Chinese necklace and bracelets for fashionista, and (3) a maracas for musician. I thought she’d pick the book since she loves books, but instead she chose the maracas. Will she become a future star? Who knows… =)

And we sang her “Happy Birthday” before cutting the two-tiered cake. 

You could tell that Lori was happy because she started clapping her hands right after we finished singing “Happy Birthday”. For her first birthday, we had to help her blow the candle, but I’m sure next year she’ll be able to do it herself. 😉

This first birthday party was probably the party I was looking forward to the most this year. I’m so happy that our family and close friends were able to celebrate this big milestone with us. Lori may not remember this birthday, but I’ll show her these photos and this blog post to refresh her memory. Hope she forever remembers how much we all love her.

Lori Turns One | Style in White

Lori Turns One | Style in White

I love you my darling.

Anna Lou
First Birthday Milestones Board, Cake Topper & Tableware | Pop & Confetti
Cake | Patisserie Lien Phat
Caramel Popcorn | Jessi Lyna Wan
Photos | Lena Han Photography
“Lori Turns One” Poster | Cindy Tam 

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