Maternity Photoshoot :: Remember the Baby Bump

Maternity Photoshoot :: Style in White

As I look at these maternity photos taken by the talented Michelle Little when I was about 36 weeks pregnant, I feel nostalgic. I remember the baby bump when Lori was still in my belly. She and I were almost like one person. We were inseparable…I miss being with her 24/7.

I can’t believe it’s been already 3 weeks that Lori was born. Some days I wish time goes by faster, but when I spend alone time with her, all I want is for time to stop so that I can savour every single second I spend with her.

I miss being pregnant, but I love being a mother. Ever since the day Lori was born, she has brought so much joy into our family. Every single day spent with her is precious and I don’t ever want to forget these moments.

Anna Lou



Photos // Michelle Little Photography

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  1. Ahh, I know I took these photos but I just love them so much! You guys were just so amazing. So happy to hear that everything is going well with the little one!

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