Our Trip to Barcelona [Part 1]


Almost two years ago while we were traveling in Greece, we met a couple who were also tourists, with whom we had a very good conversation about traveling. During our talk, I asked them what was the most beautiful place they’ve traveled to so far. Their answer? Barcelona, Spain.

After our conversation, I told Timon that the next time we go to Europe, we must visit Barcelona. I saw some photos of Antoni Gaudi’s work, the city’s most talented architect, and hoped to visit the buildings that he designed. Little did I know that it wouldn’t take long for Timon and I to go back to Europe. Fast forward a year and a half later after our wedding, we crossed the Atlantic ocean and arrived in Spain.

I fell in love with the city the moment I stepped out of the bus and set foot on the ground. I have never seen anything like it. The architecture was just breathtaking! You could spend an entire day just taking pictures of the buildings.



We stayed not too far from La Rambla, a very touristic street where many souvenir shops and restaurants are located. And here’s Timon standing in the middle of that street.


We continued our walk and stopped by the renowned Casa Batllo designed by the undeniably talented architect, Antoni Gaudi. The building is known as Casa dels ossos to the locals, which means “house of bones”. Looking at the balconies, they do remind me a lot of skulls. No wonder why nobody wanted to purchase that house back in the early 1900’s, except for the Batllo family – and that’s where the name came from.

Style in White :: Casa BatlloOn the opposite side of the street was located Casa Mila, another building designed by Gaudi for a bourgeoisie family at that time.


Instead of taking the taxi or bus, Timon and I decided that on our first day in Barcelona, we’d discover the city by walking. Almost everywhere we went, there was something to see or a place worth stopping by to take pictures, like the national museum of Catalan visual art.



Style in White :: Our Trip to BarcelonaIf there’s one word that could summarize our trip to Barcelona, I’d say “inspirational”. I don’t know what Timon would say, but I’m pretty sure he’d agree with me that this charming city’s architectural style had left both of us speechless several times.

After the first day, we were extremely exhausted because of all the walking and the jet lag, but it was all worth it. Stay tuned for the next blog post on our adventure in Spain!

Anna Lou

All the photos were taking by me and my husband. If you wish to use them for any purposes, please request permission.

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