Starting the New Year in New York City

Style in White :: Starting the New Year in New York City

I wanted to do something different to start the new year, something like going on a small trip, so Timon and I decided to go to New York City.

Two years ago, we went with our sisters during the Hurricane Irene (bad move!). I wanted to go back because I felt that the last time we went, we didn’t do much because of the terrible weather and also because we went with a tour bus. This year, we drove our car and rented a hotel in Manhattan,  close to the main attractions (Time Squares, Status of Liberty, Empire State, Central Park, etc.). Believe it or not, we didn’t have trouble driving there, skipping the heavy traffic and finding a parking spot near the hotel, except that we missed two or three exists sometimes. No big deal.


Our hotel was located in Midtown East of Manhattan, just 10 minutes walk from Times Square and the Empire State Building. It’s called The Lexington, and it’s considered a four-star hotel. I like the location and the decor of the hotel (very jazz-y!), but I wasn’t expressed by their service. The people in the front desk are nice, but our room was missing a lot of items for a hotel considered as four-star. There’s no Wi-Fi in the room, only in the lobby. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure this is normal in New York City.

In case you’re driving there, I suggest you take their parking service. It’s cheaper than the other ones in the area.


Our first stop was The New World Mall Food Court in Downtown Flushing, Queen’s. Our friend heard great reviews about the food court, so we decided to try it out. Think of Downtown Flushing as the authentic Chinatown of New York. It’s nothing like the one located in Manhattan.

There’s a wide variety of Asian food, and you can get a plate for less than $10 USD. I actually really like Asian food, especially dumplings.

New Work Mall Food Court - Downtown Flushing New Work Mall Food Court - Downtown Flushing New Work Mall Food Court - Downtown Flushing

I learned how to eat spicy food when I was introduced to Korean kimchi and bibimbap a couple of years ago. I can eat Korean food anytime and kimchi everyday with everything, even Italian spaghetti and pizza (I tried before. Not bad at all!). We went to Don’s Bogam which is considered to be one of the top ten Korean restaurants in New York City.

New York City - Don's Bogam Korean Restaurant New York City - Don's Bogam Korean Restaurant New York City - Don's Bogam Korean Restaurant

Like I said, I’m a big fan of Asian food, but I also like French and Mediterranean cuisine. They’re my top three! In the evening, we opted for a French restaurant called Robert, located on the top-floor of the Museum of Arts & Design. We had a breathtaking view of the city. The atmosphere was everything that I wished for: live Jazz music! Although the food was pricey, it didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, the photos that I took didn’t come out as nice as I wanted to, but check out their website.


The first time I went to New York, I was 10 years old. With my grandma, we visited the main touristic attractions. However, this time around, we shopped and walked around a lot. Since our hotel was so close to Times Square, we spent a lot of time in that area, eating, shopping and taking pictures.

Style in White - New York City New-York-City-1 Style in White - New York CityTimon and I love traveling and sometime, for no particular reason, we go on a road trip. Last time we went to Ottawa and last week to New York City. It’s just something we like to do as a couple to break the routine and ordinary.

If you live in Montreal, drive outside the city. Go up north or south. You’ll never know what you’ll discover, and that’s also how you can create unforgettable memories.

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