Surf and Eat Lobsters in Maine

Surf and Eat Lobsters in Maine :: Style in White

Hello friends! I hope you’ve been having a great summer so far. Mine has been quite fun. Many weddings and events such as my very good friend, who is like a sister to me, finally tying the knot, and Timon and I celebrating our second year anniversary as husband and wife!

Style in White :: Surf & Eat Lobsters in Maine Style in White :: Surf & Eat Lobsters in MaineFor our first year anniversary,  we did a road trip to Boston. This year, we also wanted to do a road trip, so we had the idea of going to Maine to learn how to surf and also to eat lobsters. Although it was for our wedding anniversary, we decided to go with some friends just because we’ve always wanted to do it. But Timon likes to surprise me; he bought us concert tickets to go see Ariana Grande a couple of weeks before – just the two of us. The concert was amazing, but more about it next time 🙂

I really want to talk to you today about our trip to Maine because we were all pleasantly surprised, and it was better than we expected.

Style in White :: Surf & Eat Lobsters in Maine See how happy they are?

If you know me well, you’d know I love eating seafood and my favorite is lobster. I often tell my friends that if I have to choose between being a farmer or a fisherman, I’d choose to be a fisherman and eat seafood every day of my life (and it’s still a dream of mine to live in front of a white-sand beach).

Style in White :: Surf & Eat Lobsters in MaineStyle in White :: Surf & Eat Lobsters in MaineTimon and I had heard great reviews about the lobsters in Maine. That was initially the main reason why we decided to go there. But then, Timon found out that we could also surf! Learning how to surf has always been something we wanted to do. Since I love water and the ocean so much, I’ve been dreaming of learning how to surf. A couple of years ago, Timon taught me how to snowboard and ever since then, I love snowboarding (and have completely stopped skiing). I thought surfing would be similar to snowboarding since the idea is the same – two feet on the board and keep yourself balanced.

But guess what. Surfing is nothing like snowboarding! I think it’s much harder! I find it difficult to surf because of the waves. They’re so unpredictable. When they come at you, you think they’re small, but they end up being quite big. And since I’m petite, I get swallowed easily by the waves. Regardless, I had a lot of fun and I’d do it again!

Timon learned really quickly and was able to stand on the surf board for quite a long time. He’s a natural 🙂 (I’m not complimenting him because he’s my husband. I truly mean it!).

We took two hours of surfing lessons and it was enough. We were all really tired afterwards and all I wanted to do was to eat lobsters! And that’s what we did. We literally ate lobsters every day during our trip.

Style in White :: Surf & Eat Lobsters in MaineLobsters in Maine are not necessarily less expensive than here in Montreal, but they definitely taste better. I remember a time when Timon and I tried lobsters at a restaurant in the Old Port. The lobsters were quite small and the meat tasted almost like plastic. The lobsters in Maine are delicious and normally cooked in salt water. The meat in the lobster tail (best part) is juicy and tastes a little chewy.

We learned that there are two kinds of lobsters: hard shelled and soft shelled. Hard shelled lobsters are more expensive because there’s more meat in it. The meat is a little tougher, but still as juicy as the soft shelled lobster. I personally prefer hard shelled lobsters but Timon prefers the soft shelled ones.
Style in White :: Surf & Eat Lobsters in MaineMy lobster! So big and juicy!

In Maine, you can find many restaurants where you get to choose a live lobster and they cook it in salt water right away for you. We call this type of restaurants lobster pounds. We tried a few and our favorite ones are the Wells Beach Lobster Pound located right along the water and the Ogunquit Lobster Pound. These two restaurants also serve other types of seafood. We had clams at the Ogunquit Lobster Pound and they were A-MA-ZING! They’re a must if you like clams! In case you’d like to try fried seafood (e.g. fried clams, fish and chips, etc.), I suggest you go to Fisherman’s Catch. Great service and very good food at an affordable price!

Style in White :: Surf & Eat Lobsters in Maine Style in White :: Surf & Eat Lobsters in MaineI ordered fried calamari… I couldn’t even finish the plate. There was so much food!

Here’s a little video of our trip to Maine

So, if you’re planning your next road trip, go surf and eat lobsters in Maine! I hope next time I go back to surf I’ll be able to stand on the board! 🙂

Anna Lou

photos // all the photos are taken by Timon and I

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