The Meaning Behind The Name Lori Grace

The Meaning Behind the Name Lori | Style in White

Finding a name for our baby was definitely a challenge for Timon and I. It was only a few weeks before she was born that we settled on “Lori”. It wasn’t a random choice. In fact, we put a lot of thought into it, and there is a meaning behind the name “Lori”.

Meaning Behind the Name Lori | Style in White

Before searching for a name, I had a picture in my head of how my baby would be like in terms of character and personality. I’ve imagined (and hoped) her to be a happy baby and who likes people (you know, a “people-person”). A little girl with ambitions who’s not afraid to chase after her dreams and who wouldn’t easily give up on them. More importantly, I’ve hoped for my little girl to please and honour God in all she does throughout her life.

I started Googling names, but couldn’t find one that I could instantly fall in love with. One day, I saw on my Facebook feeds that there will be a Gilmore Girls revival. I remembered after all these years that the main characters’ names were “Lorelai”. I suggested the name to Timon, but he didn’t like it. I then remembered that the daughter’s nickname in the series was “Rory”. I really liked the sound of it, but I thought that it might be difficult for some people to pronounce. That’s when the name “Lori” popped up in my head.

The name Lori is actually a nickname of many popular names like Laura and Lorraine. However, we didn’t want to take the popular route and simply chose Lori instead. The origins of the name “Lori” stems from the laurel tree, also known as the sweet bay tree, a symbol of victory and honour. The laurel tree leaves and branches were woven into crowns to award the winners of the Olympic games back in ancient times.

Meaning Behind the Name Lori | Style in White

Lori Grace Artwork | Style in WhiteI hope for Lori to be victorious in all the things she sets her mind to that honours God. What’s more, we have given her the name “Grace” as a middle name to symbolize God’s love towards us and for choosing us to be her parents. She’s a beautiful gift from the Lord.

So that’s the meaning behind the name Lori (Grace).


Anna Lou


Baby Lori Photo // @heytimon

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  1. Lovely Story my dear Anna !!!!! Elle est tellement mignonne ta princesse.

    1. Merci ma belle Charlotte! ^_^ J’avais voulu l’appeler “Charlie” au début. Haha. Peut-être la deuxième s’appellera “Charlie” 🙂

  2. So very beautiful and precious!

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