[VIDEO] Honeymoon in Greece: Athens

I’m tired of wearing my big long winter jacket. I want summer to come, even more when I watch this video of our honeymoon in Greece.

When we got married, we were so excited that I wanted to record every single moment that I spent with Timon. It was actually the first time we took the plane together to travel. I didn’t want to forget these moments, so I decided to vlog. I never thought of publishing the clips, although I spoke in front of the camera as if I was speaking to a friend, describing where we were, what we did, etc. I don’t know why I spoke like that. I guess it was easier to speak in front of the camera when you pretend you’re speaking to a real person.

I thought it would make more sense for me to share this video on my Youtube channel, which I created a long time ago but never thought of uploading a video until now.

I think I’ll start uploading more videos. I like to watch other people’s traveling videos, and it always makes me happy. It’s as if their happiness is so contagious through the screen that I can’t help but be excited too. I find myself wanting to travel even more when I get to see things in videos instead of pictures. So I hope this video will entice you to go to Greece one day!

This is the first part of our honeymoon video. First stop is Athens.

Don’t you wish summer is here already?

Anna Lou



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