What a Day During the Week Looks Like with a 1-Year Old

When I first started work again after one year of maternity leave, I felt like I needed to sprint all the time. Both Timon and I rushed every morning to get out of the house. It took us a couple of weeks before we slowly settled into a routine, and this is what a day during the week looks like at the Chen House.

6:30am – Alarm Rings Lori wakes up and that’s our alarm.

So 6:30am the alarms rings – well, Lori is our alarm. She calls us out from her room and usually it’s right around 6:30am. I bring her to our bed for some cuddling and kisses. Tim and I take turn in preparing her a bottle and getting her dressed for daycare. Usually, I get her ready and he brings her to daycare.

I feel bad for him sometimes because he has to hear her cry every morning while driving to daycare. Our little panda just recently turned one and already doesn’t want to go to school! The moment she leaves the house and approaches the car, she cries hysterically! But as soon as she’s there playing with her friends, she forgets that mommy and daddy are not with her. #toddlerproblems


8am to 4pm – I’m at work.

Everyday I look forward to picking her up from daycare. When she sees me at the door, usually at 5pm, she reaches out to me with her hands. When I pick her up, she waves “bye bye” to her friends, and blows kisses to her educator, or sometimes kisses her. She gets super happy to go home!

By the time we get home, it’s already 5:15pm. I spend 15-20 minutes playing and bonding with her. As soon as Timon gets home, I head to the kitchen to prepare us dinner while he bonds with her.

When Timon and I were alone in our condo, I’d easily spent 45 minutes and sometimes even 60 min in the kitchen preparing and cooking food. But ever since Lori came, I’ve been reorganized myself in the kitchen and preparing meals in advance so that then the clock hits 6pm, everybody is on the dining table ready to eat.

At 6:30pm Lori is usually done eating and shortly after that we get her ready for bed. At 7pm, she’s in her PJ, and I’m in her room reading her a story. That’s also when we “talk”and catch up on our day! Haha.

7:30pm – Lori is asleep.

Once Lori is asleep, that’s when I do a little bit of cleaning in the kitchen and preparing our lunch for the next day. Around 8:30pm, that’s when Timon and I have some alone time. It’s easy to forget spending time with your spouse when you have a baby to take care of, that’s why we work really hard in establishing a schedule for Lori so that we all have time for her and also for each other.

10:30pm – We’re both exhausted and ready for bed.

I remember when it was just Timon and I, we would sometimes watch movies and TV shows until 1am, but now with a baby, it’s really rare that we go to bed pass midnight during the week. In all honestly, I really like the fact that we now go to bed earlier. It’s just better for our overall health.

Now this might seems like a little to uptight for some of you, and you may wonder how closely do we follow this schedule. The reality is we try REALLY HARD to follow this schedule, but it happens sometimes when things shift a little. There are days when Lori doesn’t wake up at 6:30am in the morning and wants to sleep in. As a result of this, she gets to daycare later and we get to work later. Also, there are some days when Lori gets super excited and wouldn’t sleep until 8pm sometimes 9pm. That means both Timon and I don’t have much time for each other and just go straight to bed after she’s asleep. All this to say that no matter how hard we try to keep a schedule, things happen and we just have to go with the flow. When there are days that are more challenging, we rejoice when things are back to “normal”, and we learn to appreciate every second we spend with each other as a family.

Things have definitely changed at home every since Lori came along, but they’ve changed for the better.

Anna Lou

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