When Opposites Attract

Style in White :: When Opposite AttractsHave you heard the saying “opposites attract”? I’m sure you did. Well, Timon and I are complete opposites. He’s good with numbers and anything that has to do with logic. On the other hand, I dislike multiple choice questions and prefer writing long essays involving critical thinking. If you ask my husband, he’d tell you that I’m always at the extremities of the spectrum. When I’m happy, I’m SUPER DUPER happy and uncontrollable. But if I’m upset, I can make all the tables turn (Not literally. Taylor Swift’s Blank Space song was in my head while I was typing these words).

But you know what they say? The more you spend time with someone you love, you either become more and more alike, or you remain opposite and grow apart. I’m not sure if I agree 100% with the latter, but I definitely think the former is what best describes our relationship. When people call me Mrs. Chen, they don’t realize that I’ve, in fact, become a female version of Timon. Although nobody ever calls him Mr. Lou, there are some cases when his actions remind me of myself.

When opposites attract, change is inevitable. Before I met Timon, I was a huge fan of romantic comedies. You can name all the famous ones and I guarantee you that I know 90% of them starting from 1998. I never liked watching action or fantasy movies, but Timon convinced me to give them a try. The first action movie he made me watch was “Batman: the Dark Knight”. We were still dating at the time. I remember it was the first time I went to his house and met his parents (good memories!). Ever since then, I became hooked. Timon introduced me to the Marvel characters, and we vowed to watch every single movie that comes out in the cinema. And before meeting him, I was never a big fan of watching sport games on TV. Things have changed. Now, I can’t wait for the NBA playoffs, and frankly, I enjoy watching them with him.

Style in White :: When Opposites Attract
I’m becoming more and more like Timon, calm and composed, whereas he’s becoming more like me, silly and hyper!

These are just superficial examples of how I’ve changed ever since we’ve been together. There’s more to it. I’ve become more patient and a lot less emotional. I don’t get angry as easily as before, and I’ve learned to say “sorry” when I’m in the wrong. It was a gradual change, and I see how Timon and I have evolved over the years we’ve been together. Our opposite personalitie are slowly blending together, and somehow we’re becoming more and more alike, but still complementing each other. If this is what you call marriage, I’m loving it.

Anna Lou

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